Premium Natural Dental Chews

 Super tough, long lasting dental chew for dogs!

  • Natural - nothing added, no preservatives 
  • Keeps teeth clean & breath fresh
  • Single ingredient 
  • 100% Australian made

    Made of meat, cartilage and tendon, they are extremely tough and are great for keeping teeth and gums healthy while being a tasty treat that dogs just can’t resist. Roo chews are 100% all natural, low fat, high protein, and super convenient to use anywhere and anytime. Roo Chews have been rigorously tested for toughness.

    Approx. Size: 5cm x 3cm.
    Approx. Weight per pce: 10-15g


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 124 reviews
      Smell awful, but puppy LOVES them

      My four month old Maltese ShihTzu just loves these chews. Not only are they cleaning his teeth, but they calm him down and keep him calm for AGES, as he lies and chews an chews and chews! The soggy remnant on the floor looks a bit gross, so don’t forget you’ve handed out this treasured piece of kangaroo, and it’s been thoroughly enjoyed.

      Natural Dental Chews

      These give our two pooches (Pork Chop) & (Miss Billie) a great way to start their day! They really do love them and keeps their gums and gives their teeth a healthy workout! Also Christmas Eve saw Porky (Pork Chop) having to have two rear molar teeth removed due to fracturing - $1,000 later - so have decided to try these chews and now know I won't be sustaining hefty vet bills!

      Returning customer

      About the middle of last year I took my Maltese Max for a vet visit, he was fine but the vet said he should have his teeth cleaned, cost about $1k. That is not in my budget,so I looked online for something else. Found Pet Snacks. Had to take Max back to vet for medication check just before Christmas, I asked vet to please check his teeth, and tell me if I needed to do anything. Vet said Max had beautiful teeth for a dog of his age (12) And I smiled. He said "What?" I said I just saved $900 .... Max will chew on a tendon until it gets stringy, then he brings the stringy bits to me to put in the bin.

      Premium Natural Dental Chews

      Seriously the product is a high quality one!


      Awesome products our fur child loves them 🐾🐾