Kangaroo Chews Pet Treat

Kangaroo Chews will challenge, treat and reward dogs of all sizes!

  • 100% natural - nothing added
  • Cures boredom
  • Easy and convenient
  • Suited for dogs of all sizes and breeds.
  • High protein, low fat

Kangaroo Chews are big enough for small dogs to chew for hours and are guaranteed to be a tough contest for larger dogs too. Made of meat, cartilage and tendon, they are extremely tough and are great for keeping teeth and gums healthy while being a tasty treat that dogs just can’t resist. Roo chews are 100% all natural, low fat, high protein, and super convenient to use anywhere and anytime. Roo Chews have been rigorously tested for toughness.

Approx. Size: 5cm x 3cm on average.
Approx. Weight per pce: 10-15g
Suited dog size: Small - Med dogs

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