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Every day, we hear from new customers just discovering Pet Snacks and those who have been big supporters since we started years ago. Read on for a glimpse of what these customers said about their dogs favorites.

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Raw Diced Roo Liver Treats
Sharlene (Perth, AU)
Liver snacks - firm favourite

Great snack, heartily enjoyed by my fur babies, who are highly attuned to the treat bag rustle! Be prepared for the aromatic proof of enjoyment! Highly recommend

Premium Variety Pack

My dog McCloud loves the selection in the Premium Variety Pack and I know I'm giving him a treat that is healthy and natural. I've just re-ordered so he won't run out of his favourites.

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Min Lee (Adelaide, AU)
Great mix of treats!

Our fur baby enjoys all of these samples. She absolutely loves the steaks! I love having single ingredient, healthy treats to give her. And her teeth are so white! They really work. The only downside if there is one, the beef tendons are really hard and sharp when broken. Not so good for a small pooch.

Raw Freeze Dried Variety Pack
Taryn Arho (Melbourne, AU)
Variety pack

My Teddy she loved them all , not fussy on the fish.

Natural Tendon Dental Chew
Sharlene Govindaraju (Brisbane, AU)
Kangaroo tendons

Lacey loves these chews and definitely good for her teeth 👍

Natural Tendon Dental Chew
Melinda (Sydney, AU)
Delicious natural tendon dental chews

Our three dogs of all sizes and age love the dental chews, so much so that they let me know if I haven't given them each one yet for their daily treat.

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Nicole Groth (Tamworth, AU)

The pack was great but my two did not go for the beef tendon or the fresh breath dental but my goodness they adored the kangaroo steak and organ meat
I had to ordered them some more…

Natural Fresh Breath Dental Chew
Kay Sherar (Brisbane, AU)
Cavoodle Bliss

Both my miss Bella and Mr Charlie from next door absolutely love these treats. Keeps them busy chewing for quite a while and keeps their teeth clean.. Best treats ever

Premium Fillet Dog Treat - Small
Jennifer van Dijk (Launceston, AU)
Happy little dog

My first purchase from Pet Snacks was a sample pack. My little dog liked the treats but some of them were too big for her and hard for me to cut/break. When I placed my second order I was thrilled that “small dog treats” were an option. Miss Pippi Shortsox is enjoying her little dog sized treats.

Premium Liver Dog Treat
ChezzaJ Is Away (Brisbane, AU)
Must be good!

I asked my pooch to help with the review, Best way? to have a liver treat! so I gave him one "whaddaya' think?" He didn't answer, too busy chomping, so I guess it must be good? Me, I like healthy, no added anything & Aussie

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Annette Collins (Sydney, AU)

These snacks are really great. They made a huge difference with helping the baby teeth come out. That saves me a vet fee. My Yorkshire Terrier, Valentino, aka Rudy, gets so excited when I’m giving him one of the treats. He loves them all. If he’s happy, I’m happy😍

Best dental chews

Both my dogs love these! Very good quality compared to other brands I have tried. I bought the sample pack and they loved all of them but the tendons were their favourite!

Laylee enjoys her Natural Fresh Breath Dental Chews so much. She is so busy enjoying the taste she has no idea that they are working their magic on her breath. But we do!

Premium Steak Dog Treat - Small
Bob Sweeney (Perth, AU)
A favourite of Hubble's Treats

Next in line of favourites Hubble loves Roo Heart.

Raw Food Topper - Kangaroo
Kelly McKay (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Be quick getting it in the bowl

My 14 month old puppy Huey went absolutely crazy for the raw food topper. He has previously suffered from some food allergies but has had no negative reactions from the raw food topper, in fact it seems to have really helped. Would definitely recommend this!

Premium Organ Meat Dog Treats
Bob Sweeney (Perth, AU)
Hubble loves his Roo Treats

He loves the Roo Heart and Roo steaks and enjoys them after his walks :)

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Kelly McKay (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Pearly Whites

My 10 year old Labradoodle loves the natural dental chews and his teeth are very clean. Thank you for a fantastic product!

Premium Chicken Breast Treats
Susan Piper (Sydney, AU)
They devoured them

Easy chew for young and old. My 11year old shitzu loved them and my 9mth pup couldn’t get them enough quick enough. Will order again.

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Michelle Dobrich (Melbourne, AU)
Healthy Treats

My Dog Indiana loves these treats

Raw Chicken Breast Treats
Shirley (Melbourne, AU)
Definitely a 5 Star Treat

I love the way you can hear him crunch the chicken bites. Cozzie can't get enough and he is trying to talk to me while I take a photo, to say more please.

Natural Tendon Dental Chew
Zoe and Loki (Melbourne, AU)
My dog will do anything for these

Absolutely her favourite chew. I like that they're not quite as hard as the beef tendons except she can demolish one in under six minutes (she's 8.5kg). Her teeth seem to have got cleaner since we started giving them to her. Can't wait to take her back to the vet for a review. The only thing I don't like is they smell, so I only give them to her outside.

Kangaroo Steaks & Tendons

My dog loves these treats. The roo tendons last about 20mins and are natural, chemical and preservative free. Much better than the “teeth cleaners” sold that are full of chemicals. She also loves the kangaroo steaks. Also great that they low in fat. Quick delivery too.

Premium Chicken Breast Treats
Lee Clarke (Brisbane, AU)
Premium Chicken Breast Treats

My little Rosie just loves the Chicken Breast Treats

Essential Health & Dental Pack
Bob Sweeney (Perth, AU)
Hubble fell in love!

Hubble loves the Roo Steaks and the Roo Heart slices and if I walk anywhere near the container they are kept in he's there in an instant with his Paw in the air waiting for a Treat. They make him feel Super!

Raw Beef Heart Treats
Natalie King (Adelaide, AU)
Tasty Healthy way to feed Offal

My Belgian Shepherd LOVES his raw Beef Heart Treats and they are awesome to use as a treat as he gets all of the healthy nutritional benefits of eating offal and it is so convenient in the dried form and fits nicely in my Treat Bag when I take him out for walks and training.