All natural, healthy Australian made dental chews your dog will love

We make chews and treats that help your pups live better happier lives (with fresher breath and brighter smiles)


Delivered fresh to your door


Made in Australia


Real premium grass-fed meat


100% money back gaurantee

The truth? They don't care about your bestie like you do!

The most popular dog treats on the market are usually made from meat by-product, fat, sugar, water, preservatives, fillers, and God knows what else harming your pet’s health.

The sad truth is, most commercial pet food companies simply DON’T CARE about your pet…

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Reward your pups with Aussie's healthiest chews

We believe you want the best for your dog that’s why Pet snacks are 100% natural.

Our chews and treats contain no processing, no fillers, and zero additives. We use real meat and real meat alone. We are Canine experts and loving dog owners too. We wouldn’t produce anything we wouldn’t feed to our dogs

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Why pet owners love Pet Snacks

We have all you need to feed your dogs- and give them better lives
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Nutritionally complete

High in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and Iron are for healthy skin, joints, and coat.

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Better dental health

Keep your dog's teeth clean with our natural dehydrated Tendons & cartilage chews.

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Contains no nasties

100% natural and organic. No dangerous additives, allergens, or harmful preservatives.

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Easily digestible

Our treats are highly palatable and easily digested by dogs. Even for sensitive stomachs.

5 Star Reviews

Healthy Aussie Dogs = Happy Dog Moms

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"I have bought your pet snacks for a number of years now and recommended them to many friends. I have 2 small dogs who don’t like to eat any snacks except yours. They hear me open the pack and are waiting for them straight away. One is an 8-year-old toy poodle, Rusty, and Sasha, who have never had to have her teeth done. The vet just looks in her mouth and says beautiful."

Val (Pet Snacks customer)
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Now that my dog has discovered your products she is in love with the liver and organ meat chews. When I get the packet from the cupboard she does a happy dance. I also feel happy that I am giving her real food and she has something good to chew."

Ja-Cee (Brisbane, AU)
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"Molly has never eaten any of the snacks I have bought her from the pet shop or the vets. So when I saw Pet Snacks on FB and read up about them, I decided to try the sample pack, She had 1 roo tendons which took four days to eat, her favorite is organ meat, she eats one of those in a day, and to top all that off, her breath is much better and teeth look a lot cleaner."

Beverley Roles (Gold Coast, AU)

It's time to be a healthy pet parent

Fresh healthy dog treats delivered to your door!

Complete Health & Dental - Sample Pack


After many requests, we have created a sample pack of our best sellers. This pack is ideal for fussy dogs and contains 400g of treats and dental chews.

Included in the pack: 

  • 100g Natural Tendon Dental Chew 
  • 100g Premium Liver Dog Treats
  • 100g Premium Natural Organ Meat Dog Treats
  • 100g Premium Steak Dog Treat 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Health Pack

    Here's what your pup is getting


    Pet Snacks 100% natural dehydrated liver treat will provide your dog with protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health.


    We select only the freshest raw Kangaroo Tendons, then carefully dehydrate them with our unique method to produce Australia's finest natural dental chew for dogs.


    A healthy and nutritious treat made from pure Kangaroo Heart. This is one of the most nutrient-rich treats you could possibly feed your dog. Hearts are high in essential vitamins and minerals.


    These juicy cuts of Australian Kangaroo steak have been carefully selected for superior palatability and natural flavour that your dog is guaranteed to love.

    100% money back gaurantee

    If your dog doesn't crave more, send them back

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    Top Questions, Dog Mums Ask Us

    Pet Snacks are convenient, last for months in the pantry, can be fed day or night, inside or outside. Dehydrated meat treats and chews provide a concentrated amount of nutrients (around 3x more than meaty bones). While a lot of dogs love bones, vets tell us that dogs breaking teeth on bones is far more common than people think.

    Some dogs won’t chew bones, but they have had amazing success with our chews. The smell and palatability are irresistible to dogs.

    Try them for your dog and you’ll see. You will never see your dog’s face light up over a bone-like you will with our chews.

    Typically you can expect 3-7 business days for standard shipments once the order is processed (processing takes an average of 48 hours)