"Leo loves the roo tendons, he has one daily and his breath has improved. They are his favourite part of the day."
-Sydney AU

Natural Tendon Dental Chew

Made from 100% Kangaroo tendon, these are the best natural teeth cleaning treat on the market for small to medium dogs. Slowly air-dried, these these become extremely hard.They are a single ingredient and contain nothing but protein, omega 3, and other vitamins and minerals.



"Leo loves the roo tendons, he has one daily and his breath has improved. They are his favourite part of the day." -Sydney AU
Recommended Dog Size

Puppy 6 months+, Small dogs up to 12kg

Please note that our recommended sizes of dog treats are provided as a guide only. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and what may be suitable for one dog may not be suitable for another. We encourage our customers to use our guide as a starting point, test the treats out for themselves and observe their dog's behavior to determine if a particular size or type of treat is appropriate for their pet. Always supervise your dog when giving them treats and consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog's diet.

Feeding guide

Feed 1-2 sticks daily. Always supervise pets while chewing.

Make sure fresh water is available at all times.

Product specifications

Packs contain mixed size Tendons (5-20cm)
Approx 30 sticks per pack (This can vary due to weight)

Nutrition information

Protein 96.9%, Fat 1.8%, fibre <0.5%, moisture 11.4%, energy 3100Kcal/kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 1467 reviews
Lata Holt

My 3 pugs absolutely love the tendon dental chews. I only give them 1 each a day, but they give me sad eyes for more...lol
I will be ordering more.

Tanya Smith (Mandurah, AU)
Natural Tendon Dental Chew

My dog loves this product, she has 1 per day and her breathe has improved 100% She is a mini Dachshund and can chew these with ease. Only chews I give her. My only wish is that they go on sale from time to time. :)

Thank you for your review of the Natural Tendon Dental Chew, Tanya! We're glad to hear that your dog enjoys the chew and that it has helped improve her breath. We hope you'll continue to give these chews to your dog as they are the only chew that she seems to enjoy!

Sheree Butler (Melbourne, AU)
The happiest pups!

I have discovered Petsnacks this year and our dogs are all the happier for it. Having adopted a greyhound this year we were very keen to stay on top of her dental health. The absolute perk to this has been my 15 year old Jack Russell who was starting to get plaque build up and looking to dental surgery at the start of this year, at his most recent check this month his teeth are greatly improved and no sign of surgery for him!
The chicken wings keep the JRT, Whippet and Greyhound so happy and the dental tendons are keeping their teeth healthy! We will be sticking with Petsnacks from now on!

Hi Sheree, that's fantastic news! We're thrilled to hear that our treats have brought so much joy and health to your furry friends. It's heartwarming to know that your Jack Russell's dental health has noticeably improved, steering clear of surgery. The happiness and well-being of your pups are our top priorities. Thank you for choosing Petsnacks, and we look forward to continuing to delight your dogs with our treats!

Rob Carr (Brisbane, AU)
Fresh Breath Chews

Our 12 year old staffy loves these chews and we are happy that her breath is much more acceptable and her teeth are much cleaner!🐶

We're glad to hear that our Fresh Breath Chews are keeping your staffy's breath fresh and her teeth clean! Thanks so much for your support, Rob!

Jean Brewster (Melbourne, AU)
Molly Loves Them

Molly gets so excited when she knows it’s Natural Tendon time. She weighs a little more than 5kg, but still manages to eat a whole tendon. I bought them as a teeth cleaning aid and they seem to be working. Second picture - Molly looking for more tendons.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Jean! We're delighted to hear that Molly is enjoying our Natural Tendon Chews. These chews are not only delicious but also provide a great dental workout for your dog. We truly appreciate your support and hope to keep delighting your pup with our high-quality, all-natural treats.

PUG-MAMA (Perth, AU)
3 worst words imaginable... 'out of stock'

Breed/Sex/Age: Pugalier/Male/9HumanYrs

With a gratuitous snuff (after I hand over his daily fix) my pooch quite literally skipetty tappety's across the floorboards gleefully to his spot on the mat to blissfully gnaw on his precious kangaroo tendon treat... he's obsessed.

And he has been, unwaveringly so, for quite a number of years now! Which certainly makes for quite the costly vice/addiction/obsession let me tell you! but nothing compares... not simply beacuse he loves them, but because of the quality and lean nature of them too - its peace of mind knowing he's not injesting the toxic mess that are grocery store range of pet treats - but also because numerous vets have exclaimed how fantastic his teeth are which i can only guess is thanks to the daily benefit of a good grind and scrape on a kangaroo tendon hes had for so long!

I've learned the hard way to ensure i have funds set aside and can order two bags at a time because when they go out of stock it is a daily heartbreak in our home trying to distract him and coax him away from his sentry (sitting against the pantry door praying we'll go in there and manifest him a tendon)

Poor lad has been through two recoveries from cruciate ligament surgery, one of which i was unable to obtain any tendons for the duration - not sure who it was more challenging and heartbreaking for - me or him!


I only wish for one of two things to happen
1. Pet Snacks offered a big value bulk bag that was a little more cost effective as a reward for buying in bulk like they used to.. or
2. For a Kangarooo Tendons Anonymous support group to form and help us cope with the void in our lives when they're out of stock or we can no longer afford to buy them like so many other small luxuries these days with mortgage rates and cost of living continuously climbing higher and higher

Just cant get enough - Kangaroo Tendons are life essential around here!